• Audition training
  • Achieving your potential
  • Practical survival techniques

Mary Hammann is experienced in maintaining stamina, concentration and a high level playing technique to meet the challenges of a professional performance career in music. Her wide range of experience as orchestral, chamber music and soloist spans three decades.

She trained with the three viola masters of her day: Karen Tuttle, Walter Trampler and Michael Tree. In particular, the somatic approach of Karen Tuttle inspires her playing: how to use your body and mind in service to the music and the unique sound of the viola. She has maintained her health and quality of playing through her continued journey into the practices of yoga, Pilates and meditation.

Ms. Hammann’s focus in coaching is to bring out the unique individuality of each player, while sharing the tricks of the trade for success.

How to:

  • Prepare a professional level audition
  • Focus your mind and calm your nerves
  • Increase your physical stamina to achieve your playing goals
  • Care for yourself and prevent injury

Mary Hammann works with each player to construct an individual program of practice to suit short or long-term goals.  Your choice of focused technique lessons, audition and orchestral excerpt study is combined with fine-tuning your own support methods of increasing your potential.

Please contact Ms. Hammann for more information and an intake lesson.